Temporary Roofing


Temporary Roof Scaffolding

We can provide a vast range of temporary roof cover systems. Our temporary roof cover can be tailored to many different structures.

Temporary roofs can be installed either by crane or if access for a crane is not possible then a rolling system can be used to provide a safe area of work for installation teams.

Temporary Roofs have many areas of application, ranging from weather protection for refurbishment and restoration work to construction of new structures, and many applications for the Events industry

We provide temporary roofing for

  • Building Refurbishment
  • After fire or storm damage
  • When a roof has been compromised during building work
  • When protection is required urgently and, in an emergency
  • Loft conversion construction

ALB Scaffolding are experienced temporary roof scaffolding contractors, we are equipped to provide emergency roof cover solutions. Like all our scaffolding products and equipment, our temporary roof cover is subject to strict performance tests and adheres to all relevant industry guidelines.

Why choose us?

Whatever the size or dimensions of your roof, we will be able to provide a comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective solution. Our temporary roofs are suitable for industrial, commercial and domestic use.

ALB Scaffolding can cover buildings such as cathedral and church roof repairs as well as listed building renovations. Whatever your temporary roof requirements are, we can deliver quickly and effectively. We ensure the project remains weather-tight as often conventional scaffold structures are not suitable.

Safety is our main priority and we pride ourselves on our Excellent Health and Safety record

Scaffolding is recognised as one of the highest risk trades within the construction industry, there is no subject of greater importance than the safety and wellbeing of ALB employees and those surrounding who are affected by operations.

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